• Spotistic’s Mission

At Spotistic, we believe that we can turn the tremendous amount of geo-tagged data available on the web (80 Million every day) into information that is relevant to you, your brand and every one of your stores.

We want to become the Google Adwords for local marketing. We bridge online and offline data to tell you when, where and how to spend your local marketing money to increase your revenue.

We aggregate geo-tagged data from Foursquare, Google+ Local, Facebook Places, Yelp and Instagram and package them as actionable suggestions for your business.  We tell you who is visiting your stores, when and what they think of you and of your local competitors.

  • Spotistic’s Team 

Spotistic’s team is divided into two parts: product development and customer development (thank you Steve Blank).

On the product side, we have Victor, co-founder and CEO, Max co-founder and CTO, Colin and Baptiste for the backend and Sean for the frontend.

On the customer sidewe have Danny as co-founder and COO, Charles for sales and marketing and Mathilde for growth hacking.

We are accelerated by Startupbootcamp Berlin and are now running on our own thanks to angel investments and our first revenues.

Spotistic team landscape


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