Everything there is to Know about Spotistic

Last Summer, we started working on Fourscan, our first product that helped Marketers monitor their stores on Foursquare. In less than one year, almost 10,000 venues have registered on Fourscan. After achieving excellent traction with Fourscan, we decided to use what we learned to create an even better tool for local marketing: Spotistic, an all-in-one dashboard for Intelligence on the Spot.

We are working hard at building Spotistic and want to take this opportunity to communicate our mission, how you can benefit, and our development process.


At Spotistic, we believe that we can turn the tremendous amount of geo-tagged data available on the web (80 Million every day) into information that is relevant to you, your brand and every one of your stores.

We want to become the Google Adwords for local marketing. We bridge online and offline data to tell you when, where and how to spend your local marketing money to increase your revenue.

We aggregate geo-tagged data from Foursquare, Google+ Local, Facebook Places, Yelp and Instagram and package it as actionable suggestions for your business.  We tell you who is visiting your stores, when and what they think of you and of your local competitors.


Spotistic listens to what’s happening on your location-based social media to extract interesting and relevant information. You won’t have to spend time digging through multiple platforms – everything is consolidated into one convenient dashboard.


Without analytics, geo-tagged data is raw and unhelpful. Spotistic combines this raw data into understandable statistics you can leverage for your business.

  • Customer Demographics: Spotistic tells you the age and gender of your customers so that you can better adapt to their current and changing needs.
    Are most of your café’s customers 40 year-old men? Maybe you should change your girly cocktail menu into a whiskey-based one
  • Customer Traffic: Spotistic tracks your check-in data to show how your venues are performing over time.
    Is your restaurant 20% less checked-in on Friday afternoons? Perhaps create a promotion for that specific moment.historical trends
  • Filters: Spotistic filters our analytics by time period and social platforms  to make the information as relevant as possible.

Surpassing Competitors

In addition to helping you know your own customers, we also enable you to familiarize yourself with your competitors’ customers so that you can engage them and convert them into your own.

  • We developed a simple scoring system to compare your business with other similar businesses nearby.Competitor Breakdown
  • By subjecting client reviews to a sentiment analysis, we are able to determine what your clients like and don’t like. We take this analysis a step further and compare it with similar data from your local competitors. Our platform enables you to understand and know exactly what it takes to outperform your competition.sentiment analysis

What we are looking for

Want to try Spotistic before everyone else? To become one of our private beta testers, please reach out by sending an e-mail to Danny: danny@spotistic.com.

We are also looking for new talents, so if you are passionate about startups and new technologies and want to join our team, we’d love to hear from you. Write us an e-mail at jobs@spotistic.com


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