Your Weekly Guide in the Jungle of Local Marketing

Wow, it’s been a busy week in Hyperlocal Marketing!
We screened the web, and only selected what’s most relevent. Enjoy our Mashup!

The 3 Techs to Follow
Placed: Placed Launched Analytics Product to Make Local Ad Targeting Smarter
Foursquare: Foursquare reveals its Big Plans for your Check-in Data
Apple: Apple Looking for a Deeper iOs Integration into Cars

The Number to Watch out for
In the first quarter, 35% of all Yelp’s local ads were placed on a mobile device, up from 25% a quarter earlier

The 2 Articles to Read
Using Social Media to Make Offline Products more Meaningful,
Why ‘SoLoMo’ isn’t going anywhere, Mashable

The 2 Upcoming Event
May 15th: SoLoMo, Social Local Mobile Marketing in Irvine, CA
June 4th: Street Fight’s 2nd annual Summit in San Francisco, CA

The Video to Watch
‘Maps are for Mobile what search is for the web’.


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