Infographic – 6 Intriguing Facts about American Hospitals on Foursquare

Back to 2011, at the early age of location-based services, an interesting survey, published in Found in Cache showed that only 10% of American Hospitals had claimed their venues on Foursquare. Since then, most of the biggest American Hospitals started using Foursquare as a powerful tool to support their relationships with patients and visitors as well as to improve their services.

Nancy Cawley Jean, Social Media Manager for 5 hospitals, explained in a blog post for Hospital Impact why she found Foursquare helpful:

“Getting people to check in helps you identify people who are coming to your hospital, who may be commenting on your service or treatment, and who may be recommending your hospital to friends and family–or maybe not. It’s a way to build yet another relationship with someone in your community”

I was interested in knowing more about the behaviour of Foursquare users towards hospitals. What do their tips reveal about hospitals? What do they like to comment about? Where do they check-in most?

So I ran some of Spotistic’s code, analyzed Foursquare data and made a nice infographic about it!

I hope you’ll like it. Don’t forget to leave your opinion: do you personnally check-in at hospitals? What do you like to share in your tips?


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