Systematic Location Sharing: Awesome or Creepy?

How much of your location-sensitive information are you ready to share in exchange for better services, deals or opportunitites?


A recent trend in the location-based service industry has been the development of passive location sharing products. Active check-ins require you to use a specific app (Foursquare, Facebook, etc.) on your mobile phone to register your location by “checking in.” Passive location sharing, on the other hand, are initiated by external processes and happen automatically without the need for user action. New technologies making use of passive location sharing enable marketers or friends to locate your position in a precise and continuous way.In exchange for some personal data, you will receive specially targetted offers, promotions, and news, that are “hyper” relevant to your location.This brings us back to our original question: how much of your personal data are you willing to exchange for location relevant media?


Here are 4 technologies at the cutting edge of location-based services.


1. Facedeals


Facedeals enables you to check-in to stores and get deals simply by being in-store.  Once you have connected your Facebook account to your Facedeals account, you can show up in the stores that have been equipped with the Facedeal camera and “check-in with your face” to automatically receive your coupon or promotion.

Are you ready to have your face scanned everywhere you go? Do you like the idea of getting promotions without doing anything?



2. Placecast

Placecast allows mobile operators to take advantage of network location technology and subscriber data. By using geofences, virtual boundaries around a specific place, brands can now push SMS messages to potential customers in a location targeted way.  As soon as the customer enters the geofence, he or she may receive offers and deals via SMS that correspond exactly to the location he or she is in.

Are you ok with your mobile phone being tracked? Does the possibility of receiving promotions for the coffee shop you just walked by appeal to you?


3. Glympse


Glympse is a new way to share your location with anyone for a specified period of time. Track your friends going out at night, check your husband on his way home, allow your late friends to catch up easily. Is this a total loss of privacy or valuable timesaver?


4. ByteLight

ByteLight tracks interferences between light bulb radiations and your phone camera to detect your exact position inside a building. ByteLight then delivers targeted content to customers based on their precise location. Would you like to instantly see reviews on the product you are holding inside a store? Or do you find the precision of such hyper-location sensitive advertising to be scary?



At Spotistic, we believe that users will more willingly adapt to these new technologies once companies effectively communicate the value of their location-sensitive products before asking users to release their personal information. Tell us about your opinion below!


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