Location Based Marketing – This Week’s Takeaways



1. Local Retail Won’t Disappear — Mobile Will Transform the In-Store Experience, StreetFightMag

  • E-commerce sales topped $1 trillion for the first time in 2012 and the recent struggles of once-dominant big box retailers have led many to think that technology will win entirely, an retail apocalypse is near.
  • The challenge is how to use the smartphone to personalize the in-store experience it in that you’ve never experienced it before
  • To do so, retailers need to give incentives to their customers to share their location. Rewards or coupons, digitized transactional processes and check-ins are three possible solutions.
  • In-store, that data could allow a merchant to pull out my size immediately, attribute the best sales staff to the highest spenders, or recommend items based on past purchases. Out of store, it could play into a retailer’s re-engagement campaign, customizing messaging based on not only what I bought, but I what I looked at as well.

2. A hearing clinic attracts new customers with local web sites, Marketing Retailers

  • Sonus, which operates more than 120 hearing care clinics in the United States and Canada, has tripled the number of new customers visiting its locations and cut the costs to acquire them by 67% since launching unique web sites for each franchise
  • Each website was personalized with store location information, opening hours, specialist biographies, news and events

3.Infographic: The Most Tried and Failed Small Businesses, Small Business Trends



4. Local Marketing: Promotions Spending Surges as Advertising Slips, Marketing Profs

  •  In 2007, local business spent 10% more on advertising than they did on promotions (e.g., coupons, discounts, and promotional products); however, in 2012, they spent a stunning 81% more on promotions
  • Spending on local promotions is forecast to reach $176 billion in 2013, up 33% from $130 billion in 2007
  • After rising past the half-trillion dollar level in 2012, total promotions spend is forecast to rise 8% in 2013, to $628 billion. The local portion of that spend constitutes roughly 28%of total promotions



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