The 5 Articles you Need to Read this Week About Location Based Marketing


1. Retailigence Begins to Realize Promise of ‘O2O’ Marketing, Screenwerks


  • The “Online-to-Offline” opportunity is at least 10X larger than e-commerce
  • Store inventory data are so difficult to get and because retailers are ambivalent about providing it. Yet the promise of showing consumers where they can buy things remains real. A little over 5% of US retail buying is online; the rest is offline.

2. The Art of Local Social Media Marketing vs International Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Journal


  • One of the biggest shifts we’ve since seen in the last year for social media marketing has been the increasing use of international campaigns
  • The real challenge here is to tackle the situation exactly the same way you would back home
  • Use mutiple social media accounts with native account managers, be careful with translations, fragment your market

3. Mobivity, CheckAlt merge payments, marketing for local merchants, Mobile Payments Today


  • Mobile Payments is one of the biggest SoLoMo trends to be watched.
  • Mobivity Holdings Corp., a provider of mobile marketing technology, has formed a partnership with CheckAlt to develop and deploy mobile check acceptance applications for local merchants

4. Foursquare Aims At A Moving Target As It Tries To Close Another Round Of Funding, TechCrunch

  • Key people at Foursquare have stepped back from the company, some starting new ventures.
  • The company has faced (unconfirmed) reports it is running out of cash — estimated to have a burn rate of $2 million and only $2 million in revenue last year
  • Foursquare is finally close to closing a Series D round at a valuation that may not, after all, be less than its last C round in June 2011

5. Restaurant Chain Looks For Location-Specific Trends in Online Reviews, StreetFightMag

@Spotistic we love StreetFightMag’s ‘Case Studies’ which give great insights on the way brands use and percieve location-based marketing.


  • Corporate brand managers are limited in their ability to help customers resolve complaints or issues that stem from interactions that happened at local establishments, which is why it’s so important that Bass shares the reviews she gathers through ReviewPush with the management at individual Houlihan’s locations

Other articles you enjoyed last week about location-based marketing? Let us know about it!


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