Infographic – American Christians on Foursquare


 God moves in mysterious ways, as the phrase says. However, it seems that God’s followers are not using mysterious ways at all to share, spread and communicate their faith : the Pope is tweeting, God’s got a facebook page and American biggest churches are all registered on Foursquare. St. Patrick’s church in NewYork registered 28,438 check-ins!

In an article released by Mashable, Buzzplant, a Christian-based digital advertising agency, surveyed churches to see how they’re using social media within their organization. More than 30% of churches surveyed said they update Facebook each day, while close to 15% said they never use the network.

Just under half of those surveyed say social media is the most effective method of communication, while about 25% prefer the more traditional method — knocking on doors.

Spotistic took the oppprtunity to delve into religion in America by drawing a comparison between Catholics and Protestants based on Foursquare data. Quite surprisingly, churches are far from being the least checked-in venues on Foursquare. Seems like some believers got a bit distracted from the mass and couldn’t resist the attraction of their mobile phones…

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