The 4 Articles you Need to Read this Week about Local Marketing


1. Get More From Mobile With Location-Based Services, by Forbes

  • Build loyalty programs
  • Implement targeted advertising
  • Do Geofencing
  • Do local SEO

2. 10 Tips for Getting the Most out of Marketing via Foursquare, by Marketing Land

  • Set goals
  • Reach out to your influencers
  • Create a special strategy
  • Test out different specials
  • Mesure, refine, optimize
  • Train your staff
  • Experiment with paid
  • Download the business app
  • Measure your efforts

3. Local Marketing Campaigns Overwhelming Marketing Staff,by Media Post

While 59% of national marketers say that local demand generation is essential to their business growth, only 7% feel they have highly evolved campaigns and measures in place that can activate consumers at a local level”

“While 30% of marketers execute local campaigns within eight to 20 days of a national launch, 31% require in excess of 30 days to distribute local marketing materials. Nearly one-third of marketers believe this delay is a direct correlation to a lack of resources and bandwidth to tackle both global/national and local campaigns. 88% of respondents who have executed local and national campaigns simultaneously believe this has given their brand a competitive advantage.”

4.Why Companies like Groupin, Yelp and ReachLocal aren’t dominating the local space, by Forbes

“Internet companies like Groupon, Yelp, and ReachLocal arrived on the scene to reinvent local advertising online – but none has proved to be a digital nirvana for local businesses, because these solutions do not provide a simple and scalable way to connect with consumers who have a real-time need for their services”

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