Event – Fireside Chat with Asif Khan

               Fireside Chat with Asif Khan, Founder and President of the...

Join Spotistic’s panel discussion about location-based marketing trends & services !

Sneak Peek: Short Interview with Asif Khan, Founder and President of the Location Based Marketing Association, our guest of honor

  • Who are you? (Present a bit yourself)

A serial entrepreneur and marketing professional with over 15 years in technology.

  •  Why did you choose Berlin to host your conference in Europe?

We recognize that there is an abundance of great start-up tech in the location-based arena coming out of Germany and as the industry association it was a natural place to open our next chapter.

  • Why should people  come?

This will be a fantastic opportunity to network with your peers in the local community around all things location-based. It’s typical of an LBMA event to have both tech and advertising people in the room together provide for great dialogue on both the supply and demand side of the key issues.

  • What are you going to share with the audience on the 20th of March?

I will present a perspective on location-based marketing that encompasses all media types – not just mobile. I will also share key trends and case studies that we are seeing from all over the world.

More to come during the Fire Side Chat:

  • What is Location-Based Marketing for you?
  • How do you see the evolution of people sharing location data
  • Why do businesses have to go local in their strategy?
  • What are your advices to brands and company to gain from local?
  • How should they proceed?
Asif Khan will be joined onstage by Mandali Khalesi, Head of Product, Navigation & Advertising at Nokia and Silvan Rath, Director Enterprise Clients at Ebay Advertising Group.
After the keynote , we will do a Q&A, and open discussion between all the participants, animated and moderated by Spotistic.
Please be invited to share your experiences.

When: Wednesday, March 20, from 7:30pm to 11:pm (CET)
Where: Spotistic Headquarters, C/O Unternehmerhelden, Schlesische Str.27, 10997 Berlin
Direction: Enter the courtyard, spot the first big white building on your left “Haus 1A”. Second floor on your right

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