Infographic – American versus European Hipsterism

Hipsterism was born in the mid 90’s somewhere in the Village in New York. Skinny jeans, checkered shirts and second-hand military jackets were the must haves of the time. Since then, the Hipster has evolved: bikes, brunches, organics and $10 cupcakes are just a few modern day favorites. The typical Hipster is a designer, artist or writer. Today, Hipsterism has spread globally. From Williamsburg in NYC to the rest of the USA, Canada and finally Europe, the Hipster movement has disseminated like the flu.

Are American Hipsters different from European ones? In which cities can you find them most? Where do they hang out? What do they like?

Using Foursquare data, our team at Spotistic drew a comparison between the American and European Hipster. Here is what we found:


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