Infographic- European Mobile Operators

In the highly competitive world of mobile phone operators, keeping customers is a vital target. Cutting prices and spending tremendous amounts of money on advertising are not the only methods these companies use to do so. Some of them leveraging the value of social media to keep the customer – especially the younger ones.

Among other social platforms, Foursquare enables mobile phone operators to build local communities around their stores and gather young people through online and offline games.

Orange, the largest French mobile operator, is leading the way in implementing large scale check-in campaigns through Foursquare. This February, during the launch of its new game console, Orange enabled the first 16 people checking-in at different animation areas to win a brand new console.

In Germany, Telekom is using Foursquare to attract customers with a high willingness to pay by offering rebates on smart phone accessories for every check-in.

By analyzing the Foursquare data of various European mobile operators, our team at Spotistic has identified some compelling facts and trends. We’ve created a nice infographic to share our discoveries.


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