Infographic – Starbucks Customers don’t care about the Coffee


Why do people still go to Starbucks when they can have a better coffee, for half the price, virtually anywhere else?

We dug into Foursquare‘s data and compared Starbucks to its local competitors. The answer to this question is in fact simple: people DON’T go to Starbucks for the coffee. They just go there for the free Wifi and the bathroom.

On the opposite, people seem to go to local cafés for the food and beverages.



Now you may ask where this data comes from. We took from Foursquare the 2000 most checked-ins Starbucks in the USA, and for each of them we identified its 10 local competitors. And then we did the math.

Want to experience the power of local data? Connect to Fourscan, the alpha-version of Spotistic!



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